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Artist's Journey with Adam Robertson

I'm a Painter and I want People to See My Paintings

So I'm finally trying to do something about it.

My name is Adam Robertson, and I am a Painter.

I feel like I just got here but the end is just around the corner.

I heard someone once say that a painter's job is to paint the thing in as few strokes as possible while getting the point across. I don't entirely agree with that thought, but I do think it holds more value than most truisms.

I want to make things for everybody, or at least work that doesn't make people feel excluded. I'm trying to learn to tell stories simply. I'm fighting the urge to weigh my art practice against everyone else's.

I'm reminding myself that there is only nuance separating any two things in my universe.

Adam Robertson in front of two paintings.
Adam Robertson in front of two of his paintings

I am an Artist.

I've never really been able to bring myself to face the potential failure of exposing my soft Artist-underbelly and trying to make a career. Unfortunately, This fear of failure and ridicule has kept me from applying 100% of myself to almost anything, and I've found myself unmoored in my mid-thirties.

I'm not complaining. I am just striving for transparency to start this new journey from a place of openness.

I want to share and build a story here, if for nothing else, as a record of my saying "screw it" and putting my lightly edited self out into the ether.

Change of Perspective

The point of all of this is that I am now trying to get my shit together in earnest. I want to sell art. I want to make a living from my accumulated skillset, and I want to find some community. The past few months have led me here. I have been terrible at Instagramming. I can't get myself to invest in it, and browsing makes me feel awful.

I've decided to build a platform for myself from my website.

I want to create and discover new opportunities rather than create endless quantities of content for an uncaring machine that won't share it anyway.

So, Hello, I'm new here

And this is less the first blog post and more just a bit of context for whats to come.

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