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Hi, I'm Adam Robertson

I'm a Designer and Visual Artist in Rhode Island.

Welcome to my portfolio.


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Sound Take

Sound Take is a reconceptualization and redesign of the website ""

This project outlines the planning and execution of creating Sound Take, 

a website designed on critical review of tech consumer products and also a home for a tech-user community. 

I wanted to create a one-stop website for tech-minded folks to not only have access to the media which would help them inform themselves but also a place to be heard or have their very-specific questions answered and those answers policed or evaluated by their contemporaries. 


Connecticare is an insurance provider for Connecticut residents.

I had an insurance stipend from an employer who didn't have a direct health insurance provider to offer his employees and I found these folks in the open market place.

I battled with the navigation of their website for over a year, and in that time they truly helped me become passionate about User Experience, especially in regard to accessibility.

This is my accessibility focused redesign of the Connecticare website.

Vox Prisca

Vox Prisca is the home for my studio art portfolio.

This project outlines my process of building out this multi-facited interdisciplinary-gallery website

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